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Instructor: Dr. Keith Pettus

Developing Christian Character


We are told in scripture that God looks not on the outward appearance but the heart. This being said our response as Kingdom citizens is to have the same emphasis. That means character is important. This class and all the character modules aim to be consistent with the text concerning the heart. We understand everything is determined by the integrity of the heart.  


Learning Outcomes

Students will obtain the tools in understanding that biblical leadership is determined by the character oft each individual. Each student is guaranteed to recieve a deep sense of knowing how and why God develops each of us through a process leading to Christlikeness. 


Transferrable Capacities

Students should be in a position to:

1.    Understand the importance of integrity both in mind and heart.

2.    Develop the behaviors that produce longevity in life and ministry.

3.    Learn how articulate the necessities of God like character.